The employees. People are what separates a successful company, from ones unable to adapt to changing times, or execute to reach ambitious goals.

Event planners whether they’re in-house or are brought in as consultants plays a critical role in bringing value from a company’s people.Corporate events is one of the most important forums for businesses, because it provides an opportunity to present the best ideas from within a company to management and other departments. As an event planner, it is your job to design inspiring and innovative corporate events that bring these great ideas to the fore.

Following this multi-step corporate event planning guide will get readers pointed in the right direction, so that first-time corporate event planners, or seasoned pros will have a few proven tips to add to their event toolbox.

Gather Goals From Key Stakeholders
In order to plan an awesome corporate event, you’ve first got to understand what key stakeholders expect to get out of the event. Schedule time to sit one-on-one with the most influential voices associated with the company before you get into the nitty gritty of planning.

Create a checklist of the key deliverables each stakeholder expects to see from this corporate event, and refer to it throughout the event planning process.

Common goals stakeholders will share with you include:

Bring the company together to analyze historical performance and set future goals

Collect the best ideas from within the company to spark innovation

Align multiple departments to enable more efficient day-to-day operations

Establish a company wide “vision” or “purpose”

Once you understand what key stakeholders expect from the corporate event you’re planning you can then use this inside information to do things like secure the venue, select event management software, or find the perfect event speakers.

Build A Memorable Marketing Campaign
Just because you’re planning an internal corporate event, doesn’t mean that event marketing shouldn’t be a focus of your corporate event planning efforts.

To plan a corporate event that is truly successful, you’ll need to generate excitement from attendees building up to the event, and buy-in from attendees after the event.

Successful event marketing campaigns center around creating and event theme or brand. Then the best organizers use channels like email marketing, community building and content creation to inspire and excite attendees leading up to event day.

Organizers can still use email marketing even if emails are being sent internally. Bizzabo’s recent Event Professionals of Tomorrow Report shows that the majority of event organizers rely on email to generate pre-event buzz.

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