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With the help of  our vast Vendors list we can provide any adventure tour. Thing of any Adventure activities and we are here to provide you all the adventure. like Rafting, skiing, Trekking, Water sports, Bike tour, Camping, Camel ride, sky diving, boat ride, paragliding, and many more.

Make sure you bring this with you. Every trip has Essential Trip Information, accessible on our website, that gives you in-depth information about all aspects of your trip. To access your the Essential Trip Information, please visit your trip’s specific facts page on our website. The Essential Trip Information is accessible at the base of this page. We also provide a downloadable PDF file for complete detail of the trip. 


We strongly recommend that you have a domestic travel insurance policy which covers personal liability, cancellation, curtailment and loss of luggage and personal effects.

Depending on the tour style you’ve booked and the region you’re going, you could use a range of accommodation styles from staying in a hotel or Camp.

What communication facilities will be available?
In remote places, you will not be able to communicate as readily. Your leader will usually give you the heads up before you leave a place so you can send a quick email or two. Make sure you’re aware of your home countries data roaming charges to avoid an expensive bill when you return home! 

How can friends and family contact you?
If family and friends are unable to contact you in an emergency through email or phone, they can contact Adventure Tours directly. Emergency contact details (for your destination) are listed in your Essential Trip Information, or they can contact one of our office, who can pass on a message if required. 

Will my mobile work?
We can never guarantee your phone will work as desired, as many of our destinations are out of the way and you may have limited coverage. Chat to your phone provider before you leave about global roaming and the costs involved, and get their advice on the coverage you’ll receive in the places you’re travelling in. Alternatively, you can usually pick up a local sim card on the cheap (just make sure you phone is unlocked!).

Will I get internet coverage?
Some places have Wi-Fi hot spots everywhere and other places will have no coverage at all. If you stumble into the latter, take the rare chance to just sit back and get to know your fellow travellers the old-fashioned way.

The default pickup point can be found in your Essential Trip Information (at the base of each trip’s webpage), under the ‘Joining point instructions’ heading.

Pack only your bare essentials. Due to limited space and strictly enforced road laws regarding weight limits, you can carry a maximum of 15 kg (10kg for any trips visiting Kakadu or the Kimberley). You are required to limit your luggage to one small to medium sized soft bag or backpack and a small daypack, which can be carried inside the vehicle. We cannot guarantee to carry overweight or oversized luggage.

River rafting is one of the most popular adventure sports in India. The diverse topography of the Indian landscape with its many rivers and tributaries presents some of the most challenging routes for rafting.

 Rafting is a sport that can be enjoyed by both first-timers as well as seasoned rafters. If you’re curious to try rafting for the first time, here’s everything you need to know:

Who can go rafting?

Anyone can go rafting. If you are in reasonably good health without any major physical disabilities, you can find a rafting trip that’s right for you. River rafting has different grades of difficulty, so you can choose a trip based on your level of experience. Uttarakhand Tourism has fixed the minimum age for rafting at 14 years. This is because the standard life jacket size fits a 14-year old. However, this may vary from company to company. So, call your tour operator at the time of booking to find out their child policies. Physically fit senior citizens too can enjoy river rafting though we can not take more than 60 year old on any river stretch as per Govt rafting rules. If it’s their first time rafting, then a Grade II or II+ trip may be a good way of easing into things after which they can progress to the higher grade trips.

Is rafting dangerous? If yes, how dangerous is rafting?

Rafting involves riding down the waves of a river in an inflatable raft, with a few rapids along the way that you encounter. It is a wet and wild adventure full of thrills, fun as well as disciplined manoeuvring. Trained rafting instructors accompany you on every trip to ensure your safety on the river. However, as with all adventure sports, rafting entails some element of risk and that is what makes it so exciting. The chances of any real danger are small with the most common injury from a rafting trip being sunburn. So, sign up for a family rafting trip and enjoy some great thrills with the whole lot!

Can I go rafting if I don’t swim?

Yes. Non-swimmers can also go rafting. All rafters are required to wear life jackets that keep them afloat even if they find themselves in the water. Your rafting instructors give you a detailed brief about safety guidelines and what to do in case of a capsize at the start of each trip. Our rafting instructors are fully trained and IRF (International Rafting Federation) certified for Rescue 3 courses. They accompany you on every trip along with a safety kayaker to ensure your safety on the water.

What is the best time for rafting on the Ganga?

The best time to go rafting in north India is from the middle of September till the end of June. In the monsoon months, the river is remains unfit for rafting.


Trekking is a sport that requires little to no specialised training and can be enjoyed by first-timers and pros alike. There is a sense of universality to the sport which is probably why trekking is so popular worldwide. High-altitude trekking especially has many takers with adventure enthusiasts travelling around the world in search of the best trekking routes and the most challenging terrains. The Indian Himalayas present some of the best high-altitude trekking trails in the world. The mountain range and its surroundings offer a great variety in terms of gradients, altitude as well as accessibility.

Which is the best time for trekking in India?

Our treks are spread across Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, and parts of the Himalayas. Tours are usually run from March to December. In the winter months of January and February, most trekking routes particularly in high-altitude areas remain inaccessible due to snow. In the spring months of March and April, trekking trips are particularly rewarding for the spectacular new blooms and foliage that appear with the onset of warmer weather. The monsoons from mid-July to September are again considered off-season for several trekking routes. The inclement weather makes it difficult to traverse the terrain which gets muddy as well as slippery and can be unsafe especially around hilly slopes.

Who can go on treks?

Anyone in reasonably good health can go on a trek. As such, there is little chance of any physical danger on trekking trips. Common problems on treks include exhaustion, muscle cramps and in some cases altitude sickness. However, a moderately fit person used to walking regularly should be able to enjoy trekking. A family trekking trip can be enjoyed by different generations and is a great way for you to spend quality time with your loved ones.

Where will I stay on a trek?

Most trekking trips include overnight stay in camps. Trekking tour operators like Yaadigo Adventure provide all camping gear and equipment like tents (on twin share basis), and sleeping mattresses. Our porters are available to set up the tents and get the campsite ready for your arrival. We provide separate tents for kitchen, dining and toilets. The equipment is transported on mules and all camping logistics including recce of the campsite are conducted before the trip. Our accompanying cooks prepare meals at the campsite and our camp manager is available on call for any kind of assistance.

We are event management specialists with a versatile team of experienced and personalized staff.

One of our strengths is our vivacity in being able to plan and deliver a variety of events ranging from conferences to corporate functions and community events, from small events to large event and events with both small and long lead times. We are flexible enough to deliver an entire event or cater to your tailored services or requirements.

We are an experienced team of professionals in planning, organising and delivering conferences, corporate functions, staff events, incentive programs and community/charity events. We also do artist management for corporate function. 

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